CCSM2.0.1 POP Input Data File Naming and Documentation Conventions

August 2002

The following guidelines are intended to apply to the naming of CCSM ocean-model input datasets and the creation of documentation which sufficiently describes them. Many of the guidelines are general enough to be easily extended to other CCSM component models.

There are presently two locations where CCSM ocean-model input datasets reside at NCAR: the NCAR mass-storage system (mss) and local disk (fileserver). The files on the mss are considered archival copies, and are expected never to be removed. The files on the fileserver disk are convenient copies of the archival datasets, and although their lifetime on the disk is expected to be long, there is no guarantee that obsolete fileserver copies will exist on the disk always.

Proposed Filenames for Existing CCSM POP Files


local filename inputdata/ocn/pop/gx1v3/grid
horiz_grid horiz_grid_20010402.ieeer8
horiz_grid.readme horiz_grid_20010402.readme
region_mask region_mask_20010709.ieeei4
region_mask.readme region_mask_20010709.readme
topography topography_20010702.ieeei4
topography.readme topography_20010702.readme
local filename inputdata/ocn/pop/gx1v3/ic/
ts ts_PHC2_jan_20010711.ieeer8
ts.readme ts_PHC2_jan_20010711.readme
local filename inputdata/ocn/pop/gx1v3/forcing/
sfwf sfwf_mm_all_85-88_20010320.ieeer8
sfwf.readme sfwf_mm_all_85-88_20010320.readme
shf shf_mm_all_85-88_20010320.ieeer8
shf.readme shf_mm_all_85-88_20010320.readme


local filename inputdata/ocn/pop/gx3v4/grid
horiz_grid horiz_grid_20001030.ieeer8
horiz_grid.readme horiz_grid_20001030.readme
region_mask region_mask_20001030.ieeei4
region_mask.readme region_mask_20001030.readme
topography topography_20001030.ieeei4
topography.readme topography_20001030.readme
local filename inputdata/ocn/pop/gx3v4/ic/
ts ts_PHC2_jan_20011012.ieeer8
ts.readme ts_PHC2_jan_20011012.readme
local filename inputdata/ocn/pop/gx3v4/forcing/
sfwf sfwf_20011030.ieeer8
sfwf.readme sfwf_20011030.readme
shf shf_20011030.ieeer8
shf.readme shf_20011030.readme