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17 Time Coordination

17.1 timeCheck - verify/enforce component time coordination. (Source File: timeCheck.F90)

Verify/enforce component time coordination. The Coupler's date in date_c is checked against the date in the infobuf of the most recently received contract for each model.

If time is uncoordinated, print out information. If time is coordinated and print is true, print out Coupler date.

If enforce is true, abort if time's are not coordinated.


   date/time for component models is "global" data accessed from module data_mod.
       2002-Nov-20 - B. Kauffman - initial version.
 subroutine timeCheck(date_c,print,enforce)
    use cpl_kind_mod        ! access to F90 kind declarations
    use shr_cal_mod         ! access to calendar routines
    use shr_date_mod        ! access to date     routines
    use data_mod            ! lengthly data declarations/inits for main program
    use shr_sys_mod         ! wrappers to system calls
    implicit none
    type(shr_date),intent(in)  :: date_c  ! official coupler date
    logical       ,intent(in)  :: print   ! true => print out the cpl date
    logical       ,intent(in)  :: enforce ! true => abort if time uncoordinated