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4.2 Multiple Resubmissions

Multiple runs can be done with a single submission of the main script. To do this, two scripts are necessary. Set

 setenv RUNTYPE     startup
in a script called /scripts/$CASE/$, where $CASE is set in this script. This is the default setup. Make a copy of this file and name it /scripts/$CASE/$CASE.run0. In /scripts/$CASE/$, set
 setenv RUNTYPE     continue
The number of resubmissions can be entered in the file RESUBMIT. To start the run, submit $CASE.run0. When this is completed, $ will be submitted over and over by RESUBMIT, until the count reaches zero. The restart pointer files (see section updated automatically, so no files need to be modified between submissions as long as the $RUNTYPE is 'continue'.

If you have used the GUI to set up the scripts, $ will be the script to submit. $ will already have RUNTYPE set to continue and will be submitted when $ is complete.