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3 Quick Start Guide

It is assumed that the user has obtained and extracted the source code and input data as described in Section 2. This section is intended to get CCSM2 running "out of the box" with a minimal amount of information. It is aimed towards users that are familiar with the script files, the source code and the directory structure and is planning to run the model on one of the supported platforms: IBM, SGI or Compaq. A more detailed description of creating and running the executables is given in Section 4 and in the CCSM2 User's Guide. The default configuration is a 5 day, fully-coupled startup run on the high resolution (T42_gx1v3) grid. Running this configuration verifies that all the input data is in the correct place and the environment variables are set correctly before any further changes are made to the scripts or the source code. This will also provide benchmark output.