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CCSM Research Tools: Oct 21 2002 CAM2.0.1 Model Release

Model Release

The Community Atmosphere Model version 2.0.1 (CAM2.0.1) was released along with CCSM2.0 on Monday Oct 21, 2002. CAM2.0.1 is the latest in the development of the CAM model series. This version is stable on all supported platforms and includes the ability to run on Solaris, Compaq-Alpha clusters, and Linux-Lahey compilers. It is NOT bit-for-bit with previous versions, but the climate is similar to CAM2.0. The reason for the difference is that the sea-ice model now uses the same shared constants as the other model components.

Bug Fixes

Fix so history restart files go to mass store. Fix deadlock problem with scenario_so4. Fix initialization problem with land fraction. Copy all non-advected tracers in SLD/scan2.F90. Fixed problems with CLM so that can work at T170.

Move some stack-based memory to heap:

Move allocation of globalfield in phys_grid to heap. 3D physics and dynamics structures on heap in stepon.

Use shared constants for ice:

The csm_share shared constants are now used in ice_constants.F

FV dynamics:

Various updates so that 2D decomposition will work (both in code and in scripts). And update improvements from fvgcm-1_3_71. Test for 3 latitudes/process instead of 4. Pilgrim uses CAM modules for kind if not STANDALONE, which allows compiling on Solaris.

Erik Kluzek, CCSM Software Engineering Group, email: erik@ucar.edu