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User's Guide to NCAR CAM2.0

2. Using CAM2.0

2.1 How to Build and Run CAM2.0

2.1.1 Directory Hierarchy

It is assumed that the user has access to the utilities tar, Free Software Foundation gunzip and gmake (GNU make), and Perl5.  The scripts written in perl need at least Perl5.4 to work.

Once the source tar-ball is untarred, the directory hierarchy for "CAM2.0" is as follows:

Table 2.1:  Directory Hierarchy
Directory name
models/atm/cam/bld/ Scripts to build and execute the model
models/atm/cam/src/ Atmosphere model main source code directory
models/atm/cam/src/advection/slt SLT advection routines
models/atm/cam/src/control Control code
models/atm/cam/src/dynamics/eul Eulerian dynamics
models/atm/cam/src/dynamics/fv Finite-Volume dynamics
models/atm/cam/src/dynamics/sld Semi-Lagrangian dynamics
models/atm/cam/src/ocnsice/dom Data Ocean Model
models/atm/cam/src/physics/cam1 Physics routines (e.g., radiation, convection)
models/atm/cam/src/utils CAM specific utilities
models/atm/cam/tools/ Directory of tools (such as history compare routines)
models/atm/cam/tools/cprnc History file comparison program. Normally used to compare code modifications to a "base-line" code. Prints out summary of differences.
models/atmlnd_share Code shared between the CLM2.0 and CAM  
models/csm_share Code shared by all the geophysical model components of the Community Climate System Model (CCSM)(e.g. code for CCSM message passing and orbital calculations)
models/lnd/clm2 CLM2.0 code
models/ice/csim4 CSIM4 code
models/utils Independent utility codes
models/utils/esmf General purpose Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF) utilities.
models/utils/timing General purpose timing library.

Sub Sections

    2.1.1 Directory Hierarchy

    2.1.2 Using the Build/Run Scripts in the "bld" Directory

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