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Minutes of the CSM Scientific Steering Committee

22 June 1998

The Village at Breckenridge



Attendees: Maurice Blackmon (Chair), Peter Gent, Bob Dickinson, Dave Randall, Susan Solomon, Jeff Kiehl, Frank Bryan, J. Shukla, Jay Fein, Byron Boville, Anjuli Bamzai, and Lydia Harper


1. Original CSM Plan (November 1994). The SSC members discussed the preparation of an updated CSM Plan. It was decided that the audience would be scientists and would include the SSC member's vision of where the CSM project is going. It was also decided that crucial priorities of the working groups should be defined by the SSC members, if necessary, and reported to the working group co-chairs. Dickinson suggested starting with the working group reports from the CSM Workshop meetings, and Randall stated that guidance on an overall format to the working groups would be beneficial and help with uniformity. Fein stated that statements assessing how well the CSM project has done so far, what has been done, and what has not been accomplished and why would be useful. He also stated that the plan should focus on milestones for the next five years and the resources needed to accomplish each milestone. Blackmon will draft the Executive Summary stating accomplishments of the CSM project so far and recommendations for the future of CSM.


It was decided that Blackmon would send a personal memo to all the CSM working group co-chairs asking for their input to the updated CSM Plan by 1 September 1998. The memo will ask for each working group's priorities, projects and milestones for the next five years, resources needed, and information about integration across working groups. Each working group should submit their input by e-mail and it should be under ten pages, including their recommendations to the SSC. The first draft will be sent to the SSC, CSM Advisory Board, and working group co-chairs for review by the end of 1998. The working group co-chairs will distribute the draft plan to members of their respective working groups for comments. The updated CSM Plan will be completed and distributed by June, 1999.


2. CSL Allocations for CSM. Fein will request a waiver of the length of the CSM proposal for CSL time from SCD. The FY98 review stated the CSL Allocation Panel needed more detail, which could not be provided due to page length limitation.


3. Action Items from 27 January 1998 SSC Meeting. Blackmon reported on the Data Management Workshop that was held at NCAR on 7 May 1998. This group decided to further discuss the formalization of a data management working group at the CSM Workshop. CSL allocations need to be made to all working groups. The updated CSM Plan was discussed earlier. The CSM web pages were discussed. Blackmon talked to Kutzbach and Foley about problems with the CSM. The Biogeochemistry Working Group will meet on Tuesday, 23 June 1998, to discuss formally organizing. Blackmon reported that Anthes and Serafin stated that the SAC and CGD Advisory Panel would be separate.


4. Future of SAC. A meeting of the SSC with the SAC is scheduled on Thursday, 25 June 1998, at The Village at Breckenridge. The SAC members will be asked what their future role should be.


5. CSM Working Group Changes. Blackmon stated that Weatherly was leaving NCAR, and he recommended replacing him with Large. Blackmon will ask Moritz if he wants to continue as co-chair of the Polar Working Group. Battisti, Schneider, and Hurrell will be asked if they want to continue as co-chairs of the Natural Variability Working Group.


The need for a reinvigorated effort on the part of the CSM Seasonal-to-Interannual (S-I) Working Group was emphasized. Shukla and Tribbia were asked to continue as co-chairs of the S-I group and to encourage the S-I community to get significantly involved with CSM. Recognizing that the current version of CSM has some deficiencies in simulating the annual cycle and ENSO variability in the tropics, attempts should be made to improve the current model. CSM should also consider adopting alternative models (atmosphere, ocean) for simulation and prediction of S-I variability and predictability research.


The committee adjourned at 10:00 p.m.