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Minutes of the CSM SSC Meeting

30 September and 1 October 1997

NCAR, Boulder, Colorado



Attendees: Maurice Blackmon, David Randall, Robert Dickinson, Peter Gent, Jeffrey Kiehl, Warren Washington, Byron Boville, and Lydia Harper


1. SCD Plans for New Computing Environment. Bill Buzbee showed the computing capabilities of other forecast centers (copy and viewgraph attached). He also presented SCD plans for the next computing environment, which will be centered on highly parallel computers. This will likely require substantial reprogramming of the CSM models to make them work efficiently. Randall recommended the CSM SSC send a resolution to NSF regarding the loss of the NEC and its impact on CSM and that it will put U.S. climate modelers behind their colleagues outside the U.S. because they have more computing capability. Kiehl seconded the recommendation. Randall drafted the resolution, and the CSM SSC suggested minor changes. The resolution (attached) was sent to Serafin, who presented it to the UCAR Board of Trustees.


2. Reorganization of CSM Program Office. Susan Chavez has reduced her work time and is unable to support the CSM Program Office. Lydia Harper has replaced her and will support the CSM Program Office, dealing with the CSM SSC, CSM Working Groups, and CSM Workshops. She can be reached at 303-497-1320 or by e-mail at lydia@ucar.edu.


  1. CMAP Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) Membership. The SSC discussed beginning to rotate SAC members and final replacements.


Of the four people whose SSC terms end this year, three (Solomon, Dickinson, and Boville) would like to continue for another two-year term (1998-1999). Warren Washington will rotate off. It was suggested that Frank Bryan replace Washington. Blackmon will discuss with Bryan his interest in serving on the CSM SSC. Blackmon will write a thank you letter to Washington and appointment letters to Solomon, Dickinson, Boville, and Bryan.


4. Dates and Places for SSC/SAC Meeting and 1998 CSM Workshop. The next SSC meeting will be scheduled at NCAR on 26 and 27 January 1998. The 1998 CSM Workshop will be held at The Village in Breckenridge from 22 to 24 June, with a SAC/SSC meeting on 25 June 1998.


5. CSM Web Pages. The pages are in progress, and Blackmon showed examples. It was recommended that graphic design assistance should be used.


6. Data Management Working Group Discussion. Blackmon will organize this meeting in the spring. The basic guidelines will be that those interested in providing software will be encouraged to do so. The institution providing software will have to support it. There will be a web link to the institution providing the software from the CSM Web pages.


7. Report on the Sea Ice Model Component, Atmosphere Model Component, Land Surface Model Component, Ocean Model Component, and Atmospheric Biogeochemistry and Anthropogenic Climate Change Working Group. Reports were given by each group, and it appears that each model component will have some improvements for consideration by the 1998 CSM Workshop. There will also be a new hydrology scheme. Once all the components are tested and working together well, a short coupled run will be done to show at the workshop. A copy of the viewgraphs from each report are attached.


8. Copyright for CSM. A draft (attached) was discussed and approved.


9. CSL Proposal. The plans from each working group were distributed before the meeting. Boville will draft the proposal describing: (1) the goals for each model component in the next two to three years; (2) the scientific objectives for the next two to three years; (3) tables showing SSC members and Working Group Co-chairs; and (4) a table showing each proposed experiment by working group, name of PIs, name of project, brief description of project, and number of hours requested. We need to add a long coupled control run using CSM 2.0 to the proposal. The SSC will decide each working groupís allocation and meet with the working group co-chairs to discuss any needed changes. If the full requested allocation is not received, all experiments will be cut evenly across the board.


Blackmon will draft the next CSM Planning Document, which will be updated annually and will guide the project and CSL proposal allocation requests. Milestones will be defined for the next three years that address the science and policy goals, physics, and how it relates back to the goals.


10. Miscellaneous. More interest needs to be generated in the biogeochemical and atmospheric chemistry areas. Blackmon will talk to Bonan and Doney regarding the carbon cycle and ask them to help identify people outside of NCAR who would be interested in working in that area. Dickinson and Bonan will talk to Jon Foley about his interest in a carbon cycle project in the Land Surface Working Group. Other suggestions were incorporating David Erickson more and possibly asking Ray Najjar to visit NCAR for several months.


Blackmon reported that Jay Fein will try to provide $100K for another liaison person, and it was decided the person was needed in the land surface area. The Paleoclimate Working Group is expected to receive additional funding from NSF to broaden their project and add staff.


Future topics to be discussed are working group productivity and the need for a coupled model working group.


A list of biases in the CSM and the costs of last yearís working group meetings will be distributed to the SSC.