Minutes of the CCSM

Scientific Steering Committee

The Village at Breckenridge

26 June 2000


Attendees: Blackmon (Chair), Randall, Shukla, Boville, Solomon, Dickinson, Gent, Kiehl, Moritz, Fein, Bamzai, and Harper

1. Working Group Issues. Blackmon reported that Bonan would work with Mariana Vertenstein, Software Engineer III, to bring the Common Land Model (CLM) into the CCSM. The Land Model Working Group needs to complete addition of capabilities it has identified as desirable in the CLM and complete its documentation of algorithms and code. Individual's responsibilities for the remaining tasks need to be clarified to ensure that a completed version of CLM is ready on a schedule consistent with the completion of CCSM-2.

Blackmon reported that he discussed the co-chair position for the Software Engineering Working Group with Ian Foster. Foster recommended that Ricky Rood be a co-chair with Cecelia DeLuca. Blackmon will appoint DeLuca and Rood as co-chairs for two years.

Blackmon will write a letter to all long-term working group co-chairs and reappoint them with a term or thank them for their service. After the term, new working group co-chairs should be appointed.

Gent reported that Rick Smith, Los Alamos, is unanimously recommended by the Ocean Model Working Group to replace Michael Spall as co-chair. Smith has agreed to serve. Blackmon will send an appointment letter to Smith.

The issue of allocation of personnel by non-NCAR staff was discussed. It was agreed that if some work were needed to be done for someone in the Atmosphere Model Working Group or other working group, a request with specific needs would be sent to Blackmon, who in consultation with the appropriate section head, will try to help by coordinating the assignment.

2. Future Role of Chemistry and Chemistry Modeling in CCSM. Kiehl gave a presentation on the issues of this topic. His viewgraphs are attached. Kiehl recommended that individual collaborations continue to be sought rather than to form a working group or do anything more formal right now. Some members of the SSC will meet with the new ACD Director when he arrives at NCAR. Blackmon and/or Kiehl will take the lead in setting up discussions with the new ACD Director.

3. CSL Allocations for CCSM. Allocations from July to November 2000 were set for the working groups who submitted a proposal to the SSC. The allocations are: AMWG receives 9500 GAU/month; OMWG receives 9500 GAU/month; LMWG receives 1900 GAU/month; PCWG receives 1900 GAU/month; Paleoclimate receives 5700 GAU/month; CVWG receives 3800 GAU/month split into 1900 GAU/month for DecCen and 1900 GAU/month for seasonal-to-interannual; and BGCWG receives 3800 GAU/month. The core allocation is 1900 GAU/month. The CCAWG's allocation is through Warren Washington and the SEWG's allocation is through Cecelia DeLuca. Harper will provide to the SSC monthly statistics on the utilization and underutilization of these allocations by working group.

The CSL Allocation Panel recommended that the next CCSM proposal for CSL computing resources separate core activities, e.g., community service runs, such as multi-century simulations, from the more specific research applications runs, e.g., paleo simulations.

It was also suggested that information, such as costs to run each model component, be consistent across working groups. The SSC added that the costs per model component and/or coupled configuration per simulated year for the CSL computers be posted on the CCSM website so that the same information is used by all.

4. CCSM Coordinator/Manager. It was recommended that a coordinator or executive secretary position be advertised and filled to help coordinate and organize the CCSM project. This person would report to the SSC and Blackmon as Chair and be the single point of contact for the CCSM community and NCAR staff about CCSM issues and topics. A position description will be drafted and sent to the SSC via e-mail by Harper for initial discussion.

5. Freeze Date for CCSM-2. The target freeze date for all model components is the end of 2000, which would enable coupled simulations to be run and analyzed for discussion and a data set to be ready for the next CCSM Workshop in June 2001. All interfaces between working groups must be defined, communicated, and coordinated, so that the target freeze date can be met. Harper will check availability for the next SSC meeting in late September or early October.

6. Schedule for BAMS and EOS articles. Randall will draft the BAMS article using the Word version of the CCSM Plan sent to him by Harper. Randall will distribute the BAMS article for comment to the SSC, and the article will show SSC co-authorship. After the BAMS article is written, Dickinson will draft the EOS article.