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Minutes of the CSM SSC Meeting

23 June 1997

Beaver Run Resort, Breckenridge, Colorado

Attendees: Maurice Blackmon, Jeff Kiehl, Peter Gent, J. Shukla, Dave Randall, Byron Boville, Warren Washington, Susan Solomon, Bob Dickinson, Jay Fein, Jim Kinter, Brian Doty, and Lydia Harper

1. Blackmon told the committee that Kinter and Doty were attending to give a presentation later in the meeting, and he asked if anyone had a concern about them attending the meeting. One person said that he thought in the future only SSC members should attend the meetings. Another suggestion was to hold an Executive Session where only SSC members attended.

2. The agenda was rearranged and the items will follow in these minutes in the order they were discussed.

3. Official CSM Version. It was agreed that a web page would be produced soon with a fundamental description of each component of the CSM1.1 model documented, such as resolution, parameterization, timestep, etc. This would be the "official" version of the CSM, and it would give the community a clear concept and definition of the CSM. A revision page would also be started to document approved changes to the "official" CSM, such as code and script improvements, separate land model, etc. The name and e-mail address of the person who maintains the web page should be included.

4. Changes to Official CSM Version. All changes to the "official" version of CSM will be brought through a working group with a recommendation to the SSC for approval. Any change must: (a) have results freely available on the web; (b) code freely available on the web when adopted by the SSC; and (c) documentation available as soon as possible. The documentation is a responsibility of the developer. This policy statement will be on the "Official CSM Version" web page.

5. Ocean Model for the Next Version of CSM. The SSC discussed what code to use for the next version of NCOM. Candidates were the MOM2 code from GFDL and the POP code from Los Alamos. The next version should have the Gent-McWilliams scheme, KPP, and upwind differencing in it. Shukla asked if the next version of the ocean model should be a high-resolution global MOM2 model with resolution of 1 degree by 1 degree or 2 degree by 2 degree? Shukla said other groups (NCEP, COLA, IRI, GFDL) want a 1 degree by 1 degree model. Blackmon said no one had called or sent e-mail to him about wanting a 1 degree by 1 degree model. Gent said a decision was made to produce a 2 degree by 2 degree model. After further discussion, Randall, Kiehl, and Solomon said that this issue should be debated in the working groups, and the working groups should recommend the next version ocean model to the SSC. Blackmon will attend working group sessions and discuss the next version ocean model issue.

6. CSL Allocations Procedure. Randall submitted a strawman proposal to the SSC, and it was discussed. Fein reported that the CSM proposal for CSL allocation was so large compared to other proposals that other proposals were decided and then what was left was allocated to CSM. It was decided that Blackmon would report at the plenary session of the CSM Workshop that each working group needed to tell the SSC in detail what resources they needed. Each working group will submit up to a 5-page scientific proposal, describing the computer runs they have done, how many runs they will do, who will participate in the computer runs, and how much time is needed to do future runs. The co-chairs of each working group are responsible for their groups' proposal. Each group's proposal will be sent to Blackmon by 8 September 1997. He will distribute it to the other SSC members for discussion and final CSL allocation proposal input at the next SSC meeting. The SSC will allocate the CSL time to the co-chairs of each working group. The co-chairs will allocate the CSL time within each working group.

7. Climate Change Experiments and Coupled Model Intercomparisons. Washington distributed handouts about specific CSM climate change experiments and a manuscript by Meehl et al. It was decided that CMIP recommendations should come from the decadal working group and that IPCC recommendations should come from the anthropogenic working group. The scope of each working group should be put on a web page. McCracken's e-mails about regional climate and impacts and assessments were discussed. Blackmon will talk to McCracken about a workshop in Boulder with an NCAR leader, such as Wigley or Mearns, on this topic.

8. Multi-Agency Support for CSM. It was decided that NCAR and non-NCAR SSC members should talk to government agencies about CSM. Fein stated that some of the agencies support CSM activities indirectly, e.g., DOE, NASA, but he thought that it was unlikely that agencies would collaborate with NSF by funding CSM directly at this time. Shukla will discuss this topic with Randall, Dickinson, and others.

9. Post-processing for CSM. Kinter, COLA, gave a presentation about the CSM processor and proposed that NCAR provide a "small layer" to bridge between netCDF to other software packages, not just NCL. Kinter stated that COLA would help develop the code for this small layer. Kinter and Doty also suggested an ad hoc working group be started to discuss only the issue of development of a "small layer." Blackmon will take the lead to start a working group, together with Kinter, to discuss software/processor issues. It was stated that the "small layer" must be free, flexible, general, and efficient.