The Next Release of CCSM:
IPCC and Community Applications

Development History of CCSM

Configuration of CCSM for IPCC

Component Models in CCSM

Atmospheric Dynamics and Resolution

Main Model Biases in CCSM2

Winter Land Surface Temperatures

Tropical Tropopause Temperatures

Cloud Forcing Response to Tropical SSTs

East Pacific Surface Energy Budget

Double ITCZ

Tropical Variability

Ocean Model Changes for CCSM 3.0

Mixed Layer Depths

SST Signature of Solar Absorption

SST Signature of All Ocean Modifications

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Turbulent Heat Flux from Vegetated Surfaces

Effects on Land Surface Temperatures

Changes to Physics in CAM3

Increased Cloud Condensate

Increased Cloud Amounts

Global Aerosol Assimilation Climatology

Addition of Prescribed Aerosol Forcing

Changes in Longwave Cooling Rates:
New H2O Lines and Continuum

Global Decrease in Longwave Fluxes

Changes in Shortwave Heating Rates:
New H2O Lines and Continuum

Global Increase in SW Heating Rates

Global Decrease in Surface Insolation

Higher Tropopause Temperatures

Lower Winter Land Surface Temperatures

Cloud Response to Tropical SST Variations

Changes in Coupler & the Sea-Ice Model

Surface Temperatures: CCSM T85 Control

Sea-Ice Area: CCSM T85 Control

Sea-Ice Thickness: CCSM T85 Control

Land Surface Temperatures: T85 Control

Tropical Surface Stress: T85 Control

Surface Insolation: CCSM T85 Control

ENSO Variability: CCSM T85 Control

Nino Index Variability: CCSM T85 Control

Changing Resolution: Surface Stress

Changing Resolution: Surface Insolation

Changing Resolution: Total Precipitation

Changing Resolution: Sea-Surface Temperature

Changing Resolution: Pacific Temperature

Changing Resolution: Surface Salinity

Changing Resolution: Pacific Salinity

Changing Resolution: Pacific Currents

Decision Schedule for IPCC

Release of CCSM3 to the Community

Climate Sensitivity: T42 CAM + SOM

IPCC Schedule

Scenarios: IPCC Fourth Assessment Report

NCARís IPCC Production Schedule

Development Plans for CCSM, 2004-08

CCSM: The Next Two Years

The Evolution of CCSM

Computational Demands for CCSM Science


Sea-Ice Concentration: CCSM T85 Control

Changing Resolution: Arctic Salinity

Changing Resolution: Temperature Cycle