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Minutes of the Joint CSM SSC/CAB/Working Group Co-chair Meeting

Friday, 25 June 1999

The Village at Breckenridge

SSC Attendees: Blackmon (Chair), Solomon, Bryan, Shukla, Boville, Gent, Dickinson, and Kiehl

CAB Attendees: Sarachik (Chair), Zebiak, Trenberth, Semtner, Running, Ghil, Suarez, Held, and Malone

CAB Ex-Officio Attendees: Anthes, Serafin, and Bamzai (for Fein)

CSM Working Group Co-Chair Attendees: Moritz, Tribbia, Saravanan, Hack, Schneider, Otto-Bliesner, Fung, Doney, Bonan

Other Attendees: Itsweire (NSF/OCE) and Harper

1. Sarachik welcomed everyone to the meeting. He reported that Suki Manabe resigned from the CSM Advisory Board (CAB) and Tony Hollingsworth, ECMWF, replaced him. Max Suarez, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, also joined the CAB. The annual CAB letter to Anthes, Serafin, Fein, and Blackmon will be done after the CSM Plan has been finished and reviewed by the CAB. The CAB members suggested that, if they received information on specific CSM needs and justification for them, they would be able to approach NSF for additional CSM funding.

2. Blackmon suggested the next CAB meeting be in Washington, D.C., at NSF around 1 January 2000. It was suggested that Neal Lane, D.C. managers, and budget personnel be invited to the CAB meeting to discuss climate needs.

Blackmon reported that at their April meeting the CAB advised that additional information be added to the CSM Management Structure section of the CSM Plan. The information was added. Some additional information that is still needed is that more detail be given regarding CSM funding impacts. Blackmon reported that more support staff and more help in model development are the highest priorities for CSM. Additional items suggested by the CAB members to include in the plan were clearly stating CSM's highest priorities and what resources are needed for each of them; how to collaborate with other national modeling groups, some indication of a reward system, and adding a diagnostic toolbox list. Serafin suggested notifying NSF of outstanding research, so that NSF could encourage a proposal as a reward. The CAB also suggested that the CSM Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) discuss and decide priorities for CSM's science, computing, and human resources. Blackmon will recommend to the SSC full CSM commitment to the single column model work of Hack with the Common Model Infrastructure Working Group as a collaborative effort. A history of the NCAR/NASA Data Assimilation Office collaborative effort was discussed. The CSM Working Group Co-chairs will update their working group's CSM plans and then Randall and Blackmon will draft them into a cohesive science plan. The SSC will review the updated CSM Plan and then distribute it for comments to the CAB and CSM Working Group Co-chairs. Sarachik advised that the Computing Issues document should go into the plan also.

Blackmon reported that Boville would coordinate the upcoming CSL Proposal for CSM allocations. Each working group must define and prioritize their needs and identify the number of CPU hours (or other unit of measure) needed. An easy-to-understand table showing the needs of each working group was suggested. Fein will recommend a waiver of page length of the CSL Proposal for CSM so that all necessary detail can be included. Fein will also recommend to the NCAR Scientific Computing Division that the CSL Proposal deadline be postponed until the December/January timeframe.

The criteria for selecting one model over another or one parameterization scheme over another was discussed. The process is usually begun with the identification of a problem in the model. The CSM Working Group that works on the problem makes recommendations to the SSC on the best way to correct the problem or the best, new model/parameterization. The SSC makes the final decision as to what becomes the official CSM.

Blackmon reported that the SSC will encourage a CSM software engineering meeting to discuss flux coupler issues and standard coding of CSM model components.

It was noted that a few workshop participants complained about symptoms resembling those of altitude sickness. Other venues were discussed.