Minutes of the

CCSM Advisory Board

The Village at Breckenridge

30 June 2000

Attendees: Sarachik (Chair), F. Bretherton, Suarez, Trenberth, Running, Malone, Blackmon, Anthes, Dabberdt for NCAR Director, Fein, and Harper

1. Sarachik reported on the reports that are being written regarding climate modeling.

2. Several CAB member's term of appointment will end soon: Berk, Bretherton, Running, Semtner, Trenberth, and Ghil. Anthes requested that all CAB members send recommendations about new CAB members to him via e-mail at anthes@ucar.edu.

3. It was decided that Alan Thorpe, Hadley Centre, would be asked to serve as a member of the CAB. Anthes will write to Thorpe asking him to serve.

4. The CAB recommended that communication be increased among the SSC and the Working Group Co-Chairs.

5. The CAB discussed having the CCSM Newsletter include solicited articles and peer-reviewed manuscripts that are citable. An editor would be needed for quality control. The CCSM Newsletter could be distributed to the CLIVAR, AMS, and CCSM mailing lists.

6. The CAB encouraged the appointment of a person to help coordinate the CCSM project.

7. The CAB recommended that the SSC provide a schedule of events via the WWW on how and when the CCSM will be frozen. A record of what has been tested and what has been recommended is needed. Also, how decisions are made should be recorded.

8. The CAB recommended that the SSC set up some type of reward system for the CCSM project.

9. The CAB recommended that some sort of document covering the highlights of the annual workshop with a summary be written.