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Daily data from the b006 experiment

Daily data was output from the CCM atmospheric model during the first and last 10 years of the experiment. The following fields are archived on the NCAR MSS. The files are in CCM3 history tape format in 64bit non-COS-blocked f77 Cray floating point representation. The dataproc utility /contrib/bin/ccm2nc can be used to translate these data into NetCDF.

 MSS File Name                            dates (YYYYMMDD)         bytes
-------------------------------------   --------------------     ---------
/SOUTHERN/csm/b006.01/ccm3/hist/ha0001  00150102 to 00150315     113488136
                 thru                          thru
/SOUTHERN/csm/b006.01/ccm3/hist/ha0050  00241021 to 00250101   
/SOUTHERN/csm/b006.03/ccm3/hist/ha0001  00950102 to 00950315   
                 thru                          thru
/SOUTHERN/csm/b006.03/ccm3/hist/ha0050  01041021 to 01050101   

Field  Dimension                Description
------ ---------------------    -----------------------
Q      (time, lev, lat, lon)    specific humidity
T      (time, lev, lat, lon)    temperature
U      (time, lev, lat, lon)    zonal wind component
V      (time, lev, lat, lon)    meridional wind component
PS     (time,      lat, lon)    surface pressure
TS     (time,      lat, lon)    Surface temperature
PSL    (time,      lat, lon)    Sea level pressure
PRECL  (time,      lat, lon)    Large-scale (stable) precipitation rate
PRECC  (time,      lat, lon)    Convective precipitation rate
PRECSL (time,      lat, lon)    Large-scale (stable) snow rate (water equivalent)
PRECSC (time,      lat, lon)    Convective snow rate (water equivalent)
LHFLX  (time,      lat, lon)    Surface latent heat flux
SHFLX  (time,      lat, lon)    Surface sensible heat flux
FSDS   (time,      lat, lon)    FSDS
FLNS   (time,      lat, lon)    Net longwave flux at surface
PHIS   (time,      lat, lon)    surface geopotential
FLNT   (time,      lat, lon)    Net longwave flux at top
FSNS   (time,      lat, lon)    Net solar flux at surface
SRFRAD (time,      lat, lon)    Net radiative flux at surface
TAUX   (time,      lat, lon)    X-component (east-west) of surface stress
TAUY   (time,      lat, lon)    Y-component (north-south) of surface stress