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20th Annual CESM Workshop: Webcasts

This page provides links to webcasts of CESM presentations. To view them, you will need a flash enabled internet browser.

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20th Annual CESM Workshop, June 15 - June 18, 2015

These webcasts will be available live from approximately 8:00 am MDT to 5:00 pm MDT on each day of the workshop. There is a separate webcast for each of the three conference rooms -- please review the agenda to see which one is appropriate for you.

Please note that it may take a few seconds after connecting for the video and audio to start while the player buffers.

Conference Room NameWebcast
Aspen/Blue Spruce Room
  • TBD

Elk Room
  • TBD

Ten Mile Room
  • TBD

Stats from previous years streaming

These stats were collected in the last 3 years of webcasts:

16th Annual CESM Workshop 2011

17th Annual CESM Workshop 2012

18th Annual CESM Workshop 2013

19th Annual CESM Workshop 2014

20th Annual CESM Workshop 2014 (Will be posted in summer 2015)


Video and Audio:

If the "view/listen" button does not direct you to the webcast session, enter the following URLs into your web broswer:

Aspen/Blue Spruce Room:

Ten Mile Room:

Elk Room:

These webcasts do require that Adobe Flash Player be installed on your machine. If you need help instlaling Flash Player or if you still experience problems connecting, please contact your IT staff first. If you still need further assistance after that, please send email to help AT cgd.ucar.edu and we can try to assist.

CESM Project

The Community Earth System Model (CESM) is a fully-coupled, global climate model that provides state-of-the-art computer simulations of the Earth's past, present, and future climate states.

CESM is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Administration of the CESM is maintained by the Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory (CGD) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

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